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Interview with Nikki

Where did you get the idea for The Peppermints?


     When I was a little girl, my father told my sister, two brothers and me bedtime stories about a family called the Peppermints. Years later, the stories nearly forgotten, were brought back to life again as Grandfather 'Goodie' shared his wonderful stories with his grandchildren.

     So that the adventures of the Peppermint Family are never forgotten, the stories are compiled for all to enjoy. There are 10 Peppermint books to be released one at a time.


Are the characters based on real people?


     The characters are based on real people. Mr. and Mrs. Peppermint are based on my parents. Pete is fashioned after my oldest brother, and Patty, my oldest sister.

Philpot is my other brother's alter ego and Peggy was imagined with my spirit in mind. 


How long did it take you to write The Peppermints?


     The Peppermint stories were written over the course of four years. The stories were originally intended as one Chapter Book, containing 9  vignettes. However, realizing that even though the story is about a family, each vignette or chapter can stand alone, my illustrator and I made the decision to release the vignettes separately as individual books.


What is the best part of being an author?


     Sharing experiences that mean so much to me is a blessing. Expressing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences through writing has helped me understand things on a deeper level. I enjoy reaching into the past and can relive events as I write them.


Who will enjoy The Peppermints?


    The Peppermints have a multi-generational appeal. Children in grades K-6 have given the books high praises. Taking place in the mid-1950's the stories provide nostalgia and enjoyment for Grandparents, and Parents, while providing a unique experience of a time gone by for younger readers.           

     Boys and girls of all ages will enjoy the stories that highlight different family members and a wealth of experiences.




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