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Take part in the joys, challenges, triumphs, and tribulations of growing up in the Peppermint family. Get to know each Peppermint as they invite you on their many adventures. Share intimate moments with each family member and embrace the many lessons there are to learn in life.


Philpot, the youngest Peppermint, is a keen observer and quite determined. He looks up to his older brother and sisters and this gets him into trouble from time to time.

Mrs. Peppermint

Kind-hearted and welcoming, Mrs. Peppermint shares her children’s sense of wonder.



Patty is a generous and gentle soul, who shares her love for humans and animals alike.


Pete, the oldest, has his father’s sense of duty and is navigating his way, developing into a fine young man.

Mr. Peppermint

Working hard and playing hard, Mr. Peppermint is a man of integrity.


Precocious Peggy is a true tomboy. Not one to sit still, she is always up to something.


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